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Lascaux Farm,
located just north of Spokane, Washington, specializes in Welsh Sections C and D. We named our farm after the famous Lascaux cave in France; the cave is adorned with prehistoric paintings of animals and horses that we thought bear a striking resemblance to a Welsh pony!
Our first love is Section C of the Welsh Studbook, the Welsh Pony of Cob Type. Section C ponies do not exceed 13.2 hands and capitalize on the best traits of the Welsh Mountain Pony (Section A), and the Welsh Cob (Section D). This section is the rarest in North America, with the fewest numbers of registered ponies. On the other hand, they are quite popular in the U.K. and in great demand as riding, driving and all around mounts for the entire family.
Their hardiness and depth of body, in addition to their ample bone, make them suitable mounts for full sized adults - not just children! The classic examples of Section C are short-coupled, possess terrific quality of bone, excellent length of rein, and a spectacular trotting action that is completely natural.
Our breeding program features quality imported and champion bloodlines. Nearly all of our exceptional mares have also mastered some performance discipline (and many do it all: jumping, driving, dressage...)! Additionally, in the breeding class arena, our Section C ponies are champions and have produced champions.
We also offer a few Section D foals each year bred from our band of D Cob mares. We strive to imbue our cob foals with as much pony character as possible. They have been very successful in the showring under both British and North American judges.

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